Our Story


Greetings! I'm Stephanie, 29 years young, mom of two handsome boys, photographer, aspired interior decorator, rock-climber, concert-goer, desert lover, traveler + big time dreamer.

"You'll find me in a van down by the river," is what my parents used to say. They were pretty much right. During my down time, I love getting away in my '95 teal green pop-up camper with my two boys. (pictured below) If I'm not photographing, editing or mom-ing, I take advantage and get outdoors, whether it's for a couple of days or a couple of months. When I do travel for a more extended period of time, I love to book photo shoots in the area. Always! So, if you're not Las Vegas based, PLEASE don't let that stop you from inquiring. I'm ALWAYS planning my next adventure.