Marc + Faye Old Vegas Wedding / by Stephanie Rapp

Faye inquired with me about wedding photography about 18 months before her wedding, and being from England, she was very adamant about finding the right photographer! She had such a vision and a creative perspective, so obviously, we immediately clicked. She had done so much research to find just the perfect venue and shooting locations, for all of their family and friends were flying across the world to be a part of their special day, so they wanted the best photos to show for it!

This day was so perfect; it was the craziest amount of fun and the couple and their bridal party were nothing short of beautiful. Lots of drinking, 110 degree dry heat and constant shuffle of incredible music the couple had saved on a playlist through Spotify. (Needless to say, they had amazing taste. I fell in love with them even harder after hearing Morrissey, The Cure, New Order, etc.)

Despite the dreadful, dry, Vegas heat, the party didn't stop.